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Zola letter to "Il Mattino di Napoli" - Ugly translation

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Zola letter to "Il Mattino di Napoli" - Ugly translation
« il: 13 Marzo, 2012, 18:52:01 pm »
Original news
My ugly translation:
This is the articole that i’ll nevr would write, maybe i’ll like to talk about the emotions that i feel a few hour to the match Chelsea - Napoli later, in May, before the Champions League Final. Talk about this match for me mean talk about two teams that are deeply in my heart, in the sphere of my emotions and, specially, it mean talk about two cities so different each from other, but at same time so similar, for the love for football and for music, for their magnificence, for their history, for the fact that they are both capitals.
I arrived in Naples that i was an hopefuls young man, just married, i found in front of me best world players like Diego and Careca; i watched them with fascination, i admired them, i tried to steal their secrets. In Naples, during a January day, at the begining of 90’s, with a “Scudetto” just conquered, Andrea, my first son, was born and from Naples, while i look from my house at the Marechiaro Sea, I took my first steps in the top-class football, i tried my first satisfactions: the national team, the investiture as Maradona’s heir, the 10’s T-Shirt that was lighter and lighter for me. Background, a wonderful city, a population too many times missunderstood, that unconditionally loves me and still, about a moth ago, i was welcomed with love and spontaneity, feelings that only sincere people can prove. Memories ? A lot: the first Goal in Serie A, against Atalanta ( Ndr Atalanta Shit ),the boat trips, the good food, my teammates, the desire for redemption and revenge that you felt in the city, the 2nd Scudetto, my definitive maturation as man and as football player, my walks with my son and my wife, the wonderful weather of a City that hardly meet the winter, my historical friends that i still meet with great pleasure, and that make me feel like one of them, as if i never had left Naples, the monuments of a cultural capital, the love of the fans for the team and for the city, their constant presence, also during the away matches.
I love the total identification of the city and the football team: an emotion that i’ll never try again!

Few years leater, in November 1996, i moved in an another nation, not usual at that time for an Italian Football Player, in Chelsea, that had tried to win a trophy from years, with a Stadium under costruction without a Curve. The Chelsea, where i arrived at 30, consecrated me as athlete, welcomed me in awesome way, gave me fame and notoriety all over the world, made me feel standard-bearer of an italian spirit too often mocked and trampled abroad. In London was born my third son Samuele, here my family growth up , here my childrens have found many opprtunities, here i have known golf, my last years passion. Chelsea gave me the opportunity to win in England and in Europe, to become the most loved Chelsea footballplayer in the history, nobody will fit the 25’s Tshirt again. In a phisical football, i was the first talent player which had adequate and which fully expressed its qualities.
Background, London so multiracial, so alive, so open and ready to accept foreign. I came in London full of humility, i didn’t think about my provenience: a more competitive and technical football, I quickly adapted to their habits, to their way of life and to their football, to their respect for people and nature.
From a small village in Sardegna, i learnd to live in a City with more then 10 football teams,6 aereoports, full of life all day long, with rain and smog, but at the same time with a wonderful counrties and thousand opportunities.
I learnd a lot in London, people and supporters gave me a lot: when i returned in Italy for playing with my city team, they organized for me an unforgettable event: the “Zola Tribute Match”, 35.000 supporters crazy about me thanked me for which i gave to the Blues in and out the playground: if i think at that day, alone in the stadium that shouted my name, a shiver ran down my spine...
But now talk about the match. Stamford Bridge in azure and blue will be amazing...
Napoli has a psychological advantage for the deserved 3-1, well-constructed in Naples with strenght and caparbiety. However, Napoli will be carefull, because the advantage is short-lived...
Mostly in the first 20 minutes, Napoli will have to contains the Chelsea rage: this would be the match key.
In matches like this one, it’s important to pressure the opposing team to close the gap. From technical point of view, the two team have got good qualities, maybe Chelsea has got something more, but Napoli is highly unpredictable and, specially, has technical skills in velocity, very important in modern football. From tactical point of view, there are two different system in comparison: the Chelsea 4-3-3 and the Napoli 3-4-3. Both the systems plan 3 strikers and Chelsea, in theory, has got one midfilder less than Napoli, but the two Napoli fullback often plays on the defensors line, so the Napoli module become a 5-2-3. Chelsea should have one more midfilder than Napoli, so Chelsea could control the playfield key zone. Napoli, instead, could play in his better contition: counter-attack and this will be a huge advantage, because the Chelsea central defenders can defense very well in their air, but not pretty well in openspace. The most important players for Chelsea will be the central defenders, because they’ll play against rapid and hardly to control strikers. Very important could be Lampard e Mata.
For Napoli fundamental players will be Gargano and Inler in the midfield and the strikers that, if in shape, will create many problems to Chelsea.
The Napoli Supporters should be very close to the team and multiply their forces, Stamford Bridge will be an Inferno and the 5000 Napolitans should be the 12 man of the match against the 30.000 English people. I’d like will be an amazing match and i’d like that will win the best team. Brak a leg to my two favorites teams!
Gianfranco Zola

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Zola letter to "Il Mattino di Napoli" - Ugly translation
« Risposta #1 il: 13 Marzo, 2012, 23:30:00 pm »
Did you used Google Translation? :look:

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